Breathalyser - has been established as a not-for-profit organization. Its latest technology development is in the area of breathalyser application to prevent drink driving.

MADD - Los Angeles County Chapter- A non-profit grass roots organization dedicated to stop drunk driving

Drunk Driving Prevention Organization (DDPO) - The organization is a non-profit making body formed by a group of community conscientious business organizations whose interest is to make the roads safer for the world.

MADD - Manchester, NH - Drinking is a personal choice that becomes a public issue when driving is involved.

Smart and Sober - Helping Teens and Yound Adults stay Smart and Sober

SAFE RIDE HOME - An organization in the community committed to eradicating death and injury resulting from drinking and driving.

Young Adults Educating Responsible Drinking (YAERD) - an organization that was setup to help young adults educate EVERYONE about the dangers of drinking and driving. - A non-profit organization is fighting against drunk driving through public awareness, education and prevention.

People Against Drunk Driving - A group of wine enthusiast who promotes wine responsiblities.

Parents Against Drunk Driving - A group for people who are against people who drink and drive and also people who have lost a loved one due to a drunk driver.

People Affected by Drunk Driving - A non-profit organization that is dedicated to educate and help victims of drunk driving.

Soberride Program - A comprehensive, community-based effort that aims to raise awareness of the dangers of driving while intoxicated.

Alcohol and other Drugs Council of Australia - A peak, national, non-government organisation representing the interests of the Australian alcohol and other drugs sector, providing a national voice for people working to reduce the harm caused by alcohol and other drugs.

Center for Enforcing Underage Drinking Laws - Center services to assist states and local communities in their efforts to combat underage drinking and related problems though enforcement of alcohol laws and policy change.

Alcohol Free Kids - A national non-profit lifesaving children's charity formed in 1997 to educate and galvanize the youth in United States and mobilize a grass roots movement to address the drunk driving national emergency, the national crisis of underage drinking

Furries Against Driving Drunk - A furry anti-drunk driving organization

Jerseyans Against Drunk Driving - A New Jersey Non-Profit Organization. JADD is working through our Educational Outreach Program in the hopes to dramatically reduce underage drinking and drunk driving.

MADD - Hillsborough County, FL - Stop drunk driving, support the victims of this violent crime and prevent underage drinking.

MADD - Howard County, MD - A nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating impaired driving and to supporting the victims of this violent crime, and curbing underage alcohol use.

Students Against Drunk Driving New Zealand (SADD) - Not-for-profit organisation focussed on reducing harm amongst young people by promoting the alternatives to drinking and driving through positive peer influences.

Texas DWI - Anti drunk driving campaign aim to raise awareness of alcohol-related traffic deaths.

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